Motorway Tolls



As per Ordinance no. 876 of 13 March 2022 issued by Prime Minister’s Office, Department of Civil Protection, was ordered the toll exemption for Ukrainian citizens coming from Ukraine and for any person coming from Ukraine, entering the national territory as a consequence of the events taking place.

Such exemption will be valid within a maximum period of 5 days from the entry into Italian territory of those entitled.

When arriving at a motorway toll plaza exit of the undersigned Company, please use the manual Pay-toll collection gates, where a duly completed and signed self-certification must be delivered to the collector. The model can be downloaded, in both Italian and English language, by selecting the corresponding icons indicated below.

At the automatic Self-service gates, controlled by a remote monitoring operator, please collect the toll ticket and send it together with the self-certification model to e-mail address




Motorway Tolls

Motorway tolls are calculated by multiplying the unit tariff specific to the motorway stretches that were crossed (approved by an Interministerial Decree), by the relevant km travelled.
The value resulting from the sum of the amounts calculated above is rounded up to 10 cents of Euro.

The unit tariff is determined according to the characteristics of the infrastructure (plain or mountain motorway) and the type of vehicle used, following the current classification method called “Axles – Shape”.
According to this system, vehicles are therefore divided into five different classes, using two parameters:
The “Shape”, i.e. the height of the vehicle measured at the front wheel axle.
This criterion classifies all two-axle vehicles, which are divided into two classes;
The “Axles”, i.e. the number of axles of the vehicle.
This criterion classifies all vehicles and articulated vehicles with three or more axles, which are divided into the three remaining classes.

Toll Payment

Toll can be paid in cash at the toll booths manned by an operator or through the automatic booths.
Manual booths also accept major foreign currencies, with any change given in Euro.
The currencies accepted on the A4 Turin – Milan Section are:
– Canadian dollar;
– U.S.A dollar;
– Swiss franc;
– Danish krona;
– Norwegian krona;
– Swedish krona;
– English pound.
Payment systems other than cash can also be used on the A4 Turin – Milan Section as well as on most motorways.
These payment systems are:
Telepass that can be used at all exit stations through the gates indicated by the yellow road stripes and the relevant sign;
Viacards with decreasing amounts or direct debit to the bank account, at all gates, both automatic and manned by an operator;
Accepted credit cards (Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, Aura, American Express, Diners, Ressa), Postamat and Bancomat Fast-Pay can be used at all automatic and manual toll booths.


Exceptional loads or vehicles are those having a size (length, width, height) and/or massexceeding the limits set outby Art. 10, 61 and 62 of the New Highway Code (L.D. 30.04.92, no. 285 and subsequent amendments and additions) and governed by the Implementation and adoption regulation of the New Highway Code (D.P.R.
16.12.1992 no. 495 and subsequent amendments and additions).
Any customer wishing to request and obtain an authorisation for exceptional loads can call the relevant office at:
+39 0141 93 14 08.


As per the agreements between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Motorway operators taking part in the initiative, discounted motorway tolls of up to 20% are available for commuters paying by Telepass.
The reduction will be applied from February 1, 2014 until the expiry date, currently set for December 31, 2015, and cannot be combined with other existing modulations/discounts adopted by individual concession holders.
From the 25th of February it will be possible to request this discount directly by logging on to the Telepass Club area of, or at Punto Blu/Service Centre locations of the motorway companies participating in the initiative.

Who is entitled to discounts?
The discount is reserved for natural persons * with a contract for the use of a Telepass device (specifically Telepass Family and Telepass Business), or owners of Telepass pay-as-you-go.
The Telepass device must be linked to a class A vehicle (height less than or equal to 1.3m) in order to take advantage of this offer.
Telepass users as defined above can make use of the discount if, over the course of a month and no more than twice a day:
– in the closed system, they cover a given section of motorway of a maximum length of 50 km (with fixed destination and origin declared upon requesting the discount)
– in open systems, they use the toll station specified when making the above-mentioned request
The sections/barriers for which it is possible to request this discount are listed on the site and on the sites of the individual concession holders participating in the initiative.
The discount is applied for a maximum of two journeys a day, including Sundays and holidays, and cannot be combined with other existing discounts/tariff modulation initiatives.

What do i need to do to request a discount?
In order to request your discount, you must register on the “Telepass Club” area of, or by filling in the form available at Punto Blu/Service Centre locations of the motorway companies participating in the initiative.
These sites/offices have the list of sections/barriers between which it is possible to use the discount.
Starting from the 25th of February 2014, it will be possible to register your name to be linked to a single Telepass device, in turn linked to a single route/station corresponding to the discount request.

How is the discount calculated and applied?
The discount consists of a reduction in tolls, applied progressively, from a minimum of 1% (for 21 journeys/month) up to a maximum of 20% (for 40 journeys/month).
No discount will be applied for 20 or fewer journeys per month.
Starting from the 21st journey, a discount of 1% shall be applied to all journeys made; this discount shall increase in a linear manner (2% of the total tolls for 22 journeys made, 3% for 23 journeys and so on), up to a maximum of 20% of the total tolls which shall apply from the 40th journey.
From the 41st to the 46th journey, the discount shall remain at 20% for all journeys made.
For all journeys over and above the 46th, the whole rate shall be payable.
The amount of the discount shall be rounded to the nearest cent on individual journeys.
The discount is applied for a maximum of two journeys per day, including Sundays and holidays.
The discount shall be calculated at the end of the month in which the journeys are taken, and applied to the first subsequent invoice, according to the applicable invoicing cycle.
The discount shall be retroactive, that is it shall start from the first day of the month in which registration takes place.
The discount is reserved for Telepass customers who have signed a Telepass contract providing their tax code.
In order to give the right to a discount, the journeys must all be made using a single Telepass device.
Service companies and transport consortia are excluded from the offer.


Motorway tolls can be collected with a “closed” or “open” collection type.
The system is “closed” when the customer collects a ticket at the entry station, which he must then give at the exit station so that the toll can be calculated; the amount is calculated according to the class of the vehicle and the route followed, as determined from the travel ticket.
In an “open” collection system each station controls a specific highway section.
Every time that a customer reaches a station, he pays the toll pertaining to the highway section controlled by that station.
Therefore it is not necessary to have a travel ticket at the entrance, since the toll is calculated on a fixed mileage and only changes according to the class of the vehicle.
The highway station lanes are divided, according to the number of users and the space available, into an appropriate number of manual, automatic, mixed (telepass and cards) and telepass lanes.