Company Policy


Integrated Management System (Quality, Motorway Safety, Environment)
The primary objectives of SATAP S.p.A. include the improvement of customer satisfaction, which will be achieved through:
The implementation of a Quality Management System, actively and effectively applied to all key company activities;
Raising awareness and involving all staff in the efforts to satisfy the requirements, also placing special attention to technological and market developments.

In implementing this Quality policy, SATAP S.p.A. has introduced and maintains – on both Sections managed – A4 Turin Milan and A21 Turin Piacenza – a Quality Management System, compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001.
Quality System used as a tool for managing company activities aiming to ensure continuity of customer services for customers, a safe and smooth journey, efficient infrastructure, correctly functioning stations, traffic support and ancillary services.
A series of objectives to be reached with increasing commitment to develop the organisation's ability to generate value for all stakeholders.
The Convention identifies two indicators for monitoring quality of service: the structural state of the roads and the accident rate.

The Convention itself states that in future the quality level will be assessed also according to other elements of the service; for this purposes, SATAP S.p.A. periodically drafts a summary analysis allowing the definition of specific improvement plans, which go beyond any contractual commitments.
To guarantee a more precise monitoring of its activities, SATAP S.p.A. has decided to implement the Management System, integrating it with Environmental Management compliant with UNI EN ISO 14001, aware of the environmental impacts which the activities can have.