Travel Documents

The relationship between the customer and Satap is formalised on entry, when the user takes a ticket or through the acquisition of entry data via the Telepass device, the electronic system used to pay tolls without stopping.

Users may enter the motorway from Satap stations or those managed by other interconnected Concession holders, as the customer can travel continuously along the motorways managed by different companies, paying a single toll when leaving the motorway.

The ordinary ticket has a magnetic strip containing the data relating to the entry station, the day, time and, depending on the type of station, also the entry class.

This data is required to correctly manage the toll payment transaction at the exit station.
In "open" toll systems, where an ordinary ticket is not issued, the contract is formalised at the time of toll payment at the transit station controlling the relative motorway stretch.

If the ticket is lost, a Non-Payment Report is issued for the route corresponding to the furthest interconnected station, as laid down in Art. 176 Paragraph 16 of the applicable Highway Code.

Please note that the exits at Settimo, Brandizzo, Chivasso Ovest, Chivasso Centro, Chivasso Est, Rondissone and Pero Fiera are unmanned.