Winter road conditions

The Highway Code requires Italian road and motorway concession holders to adopt specific measures to ensure road safety, preventing hazardous situations (art. 5).
This obligation is prescribed in the order issued by SATAP according to the Highway Code, article 6 paragraph e) of the Legislative Decree no. 285 dated 30/11/92, amended by Law no. 120 of 29 July 2010 – and is valid for all motor vehicles which must carry snow chains or alternatively be fitted with winter tyres or other non-slip means suitable for immediate use when necessary.

The snow tyres or snow chains on-board requirement is indicated by signs with a picture of a tyre and chains, with the words "obbligo di pneumatici invernali o catene a bordo".

They can be found on entering and along the motorway.

According to the agreements with the Ministry of the Interior, the checks are performed by the Road Police, in line with the rules and regulations in force.

The fines laid down for breach of this order are governed by article 6 paragraph 14 of the Highway Code, from a minimum of 80 up to a maximum of 318 EUR.

Again in the Highway Code – Chapter III – articles 46, 47 and 53 fully describe to the features and definition of the vehicles subject to this requirement.
The Highway Code also establishes (in articles 11 and 12) who is in charge of these controls and the fines applicable in the event of breach.