Traffic in real time
Chiusura svincolo
23/10/2016 10:50, carreggiata Sud, km.163.413

AGGIORNAMENTO EVENTO: Torino-Piacenza *CHIUSURA SVINCOLO a Interconnessione per A1 (Km. 163+413) sul ramo DIR. MI SVINC. C in direzione Piacenza (Inizio Evento 26/09/2016 ore 17.16) CAUSA Lavori.
Data e ora prevista fine evento: 20/11/2016 18:00

News A21
8 April 2015

Discounts for motorway commuters
As per the agreements between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Motorway… Read more >>

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For more information on traffic and road conditions , listen Autotraffic service of Radio Monte Carlo , Radio 105 and Virgin Radio.

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